The Social Work Based Learning and Career Development Continuum is the framework of the future for supportive education in social work.

As the needs of communities change, both locally, and globally, the lack of national attention about the shortage of social workers is becoming increasingly concerning, creating more demands and burdens on an already overtaxed workforce.

Why consider our programs?

Each of our programs is designed to advance students’ competency in macro social work education at different points across the continuum of professional experience.

Our students transform current events and testimonies into real-world case studies and pedagogic innovation, through the YSocialWork’s Design Classroom designed by Founder Shauntia White.

The goal of the Social Work-Based Learning and Career Development Continuum.

With the Social Work-based Learning and Career Development Continuum as our framework for service delivery, we encourage all students across the continuum, particularly high school and community college students, to acquire a better understanding of social work by working toward a social advocacy campaign under the mentorship of a practicing social worker during the school year for volunteer hours.

Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change.

Barbara Mikulski, Senator and Social Worker

Let’s build a better learning and career development community together.