What is an IDEA Summit?

IDEA Summit  is a national effort to explore the use of technology to solve societal injustices.

Who should attend an IDEA Summit?

IDEA will be open to university students who want to design new technologies which will be utilized by social workers as well as the homeless. Organizers of IDEA will seek to engage 150-300 social work students enrolled in a CSWE-accredited social work program. University students majoring in computer science, entrepreneurship, engineering, sociology, and women’s studies are also encouraged to participate.

What​ happens at an IDEA Summit?

The theme of the inaugural IDEA Summit is the impact of technology on the homeless. This year’s challenge focuses on building sustainable solutions with cross-generational, interdisciplinary teams.  

What will student learn at an IDEA Summit?

Student participants will use cell phones, the most critical piece of technology for homeless people, to learn and apply concepts of technology to combat homelessness. Student participants will develop applications that will address accessibility, connectivity, and safety. Student participants will then present their designs to renowned industry, academic, and government leaders. This process will introduce students to new technology, create pathways for more social work students in the technology arena, expand future recruitment opportunities for leading social work organizations, discuss federal and state policy implementations, and raise the profile of the profession in policy innovation.​

When will the IDEA Summit launch?

Due to funding purposes, YSocialWork will launch the IDEA Summit in 2021. If you are interested in learning more or partnering with YSocialWork, or if you have an interest in joining the leadership committee, please contact Shauntia White at shauntia@ysocialwork.com.

For more information, contact Shauntia White at shauntia@ysocialwork.com.