Answering the call for social entrepreneurship in human services.

Innovative Volunteerism with YSocialWork (IVY) Social Workers Program is a nine-month initiative developed to further creative and experiential learning experiences for recent graduates and early-career social workers, while simultaneously offering continuing education opportunities in social entrepreneurship nationally and abroad.




The goals are simple.

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Why become a IVY Social Worker?

Social entrepreneurship is growing but not at a sufficient pace to solve social, cultural, or environmental issues across health, education, and human services. Many social work graduates are gravitating to social entrepreneurship because, if successful, it results in additional financial return while remaining true to the values and ethics expected of a professional social worker. However, those who do are often left to their own devices to figure out how to bridge the gaps between macro practice in social work and entrepreneurial training necessary to develop, fund, and implement solutions to solve critical problems in the world.

Cost and fees

  • Online Education

    (Course fee includes supplies and all course materials).

  • Social Entrepreneurship and Teaching Practicum

    (Course fee includes supplies and access to YSocialWork’s Dashboard).

  • Service Learning Capstone

    (Course fee includes several group meals, lodging accommodations, in country transportation, outings, and supplies).

The course fee covers all online course materials, field teaching and program management experience, accommodations for the 8-days you will stay in South Africa, including program related transportation, and four outings to attractions in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Note that you will have to pay for your own airfare and food costs when assigned.

The $1,000 deposit will be at the time of enrollment. The cost of deposit will apply to the cost of the online education and practicum. The balance will be billed to you.

Program Requirements

35 hours of online instruction in social entrepreneurship education

200 hours leading and directing projects or class

Fund raise full travel cost $5, 000

Lead and chaperone high school students by making sure they are on building on macro social work competencies and completing the activities assigned.

One chaperone to 2-3 mentees

Eligibility Criteria

Complete online training requirements

$1,000 deposit fee upon acceptance of the program

Complete background check

Show proof of insurance

Ability to participate through the tenure of the trip

Spanish proficiency (preferable, not required)

Employed within local, state, municipal, and federal government