One can list all of the issues facing Americans today –  student debt, human ttrafficking,  police brutality, mental health care deficits, homelessness, unemployment – but the task becomes insurmountable.

While the social work profession is the backbone of reform and is also one of the fastest growing careers in the United States, challenges in the field have become just as overwhelming as the communities they serve.

Alleviating these issues will help our nation as a whole. YSocial will address the following workforce issues — challenging work conditions, issues reported at the work place by social workers, and its implications on the next generation of social workers.

Challenging work conditions:

Threats to personal safety

Onerous paperwork

High caseloads

Issues reported at the workplace:

Increases in paperwork

Severity of client problems

Caseload size

Waiting lists for services

Assignment of non-social work tasks

Decreases in job security

Staffing levels

Availability of supervision


Implications on the social work profession:

Rapid professional shortages

Impeding retirements

The lack of recruitment incentives

The lack of retention incentives

High incidences of suicide

High incidences of burnout

Secondary traumatization

Our Commitment

Through our shared commitment to eradicating these issues by 2025, YSocialWork’s approach is to travel around the world to develop grassroots, millennial-led organizing strategies and to build stronger partnerships with young allies of social workers across the globe.