Current service-learning classes:

High school and community college students can earn either SSL hours or credit towards graduation. YSocialWork, Inc. courses are mostly offered on weeknights remotely. Some interns will receive supervision mornings online and excepted to work across various social media platforms.

Each class is highly student-centered, experiential, and social work-oriented. Join us as we address real-world problems with an entrepreneurial mindset and social work ethics and values.

Up to 25 Hours

Each class is highly student-centered, experiential, and social work-oriented. Join us as we address real-world problems with an entrepreneurial mindset and social work ethics and values.

Up to 25 Hours

Are you interested in fashion? YSocialWork offers after-school workshops, in partnership with local fashion designers. Students are required to create fashionable designs using YSocialWork apparel. An emphasis is placed on how students assemble, fit and finish the ensemble for everyday wear.

For Selected Schools Only

Do you have a playlist that best represents them and their unique lives by creating a list of their favorite and most meaningful songs?YSocialWork, Inc. wants to engage with students by way of music and develop the ultimate annual playlist, chosen by high school students from diverse settings.

Up to 25 Hours

Are you interested in a career in teaching but want to learn more about social work? Have you completed the High School Experiential Classroom and would like to continue exploring social work competency-based ethics and values across disciplines or international settings?

Up to 25 Hours

Are you interested in honing your media skills through animation? YSocialWork offers project management opportunities for high school students to design motion graphics for YSocialWork’s case scenarios. Students will be able to assemble a portfolio suitable for workforce entry or professional advancement.

Up to 25 Hours


At YSocialWork, Inc., we’ll unpack the broad range of competencies to inspire you to undertake a degree in social work. The core values of our approach encompass integrity, dignity, self-worth, social justice, and service. We center on healthy human relationships. 

Our Social Work Learning and Career Development Continuum recognizes and engages high school students in social work field education.

Motivated by social learning theory, students are given classroom examples that provide the basis for how to learn, respond and internalize social norms during adolescence, so they are able to provoke social change during their transition into adulthood.


Strategic partners are critical to the success of our youth and young adults.

YSocialWork, Inc. is drawing an array of high-impact programs that solve important problems in our professional and local communities. We address the human service workforce shortage and youth employment.

YSocialWork, Inc. is at the intersection between educational and human service improvements. We provide the best training and services to meet the needs of diverse students and the global workforce.

This year, we are expanding partnerships with corporations, government, and other nonprofits that share YSocialWork’s commitment to advancing youth and young adults in rewarding social work careers and other entrepreneurial endeavors.

Join the team?

YSocialWork, Inc. is recruiting content reviewers to work with us as a 12-month contractor basis.


Changing the narrative of social work among youth and young adults.

Far too many young people are struggling with their mental health yet desire social change. YSocialWork, Inc . can play a major role in supporting youth mental health, while they continue to create a legacy where young people can the world


Upcoming Events

Demonstrate Ethical /Professional Behaviors

Vanessa Banks, LCSW-C, LICSW

  • January 21, 2023, 10:00 AM

Demonstrate Diversity and Differences

  • January 28, 2023, 10:00 AM

Advance Human Rights and Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice

Corey Shdaimah, LL.M., PhD

  • February 4, 2023, 10:00 AM

Engage in Policy Practice

Stephen Liggett-Creel, LCSW-C

  • February 11 , 2023, 10:00 AM

Topic: Gun Control

The unfortunate reality for our youth today is the pervasiveness of gun violence. The fight for gun control and prevention is uniquely an American problem that is also a major public health crisis.


YSocialWork, Inc. sets out to become an international catalyst for social change in human services and in society.  

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